How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur – 4 Key Steps

Become a Successful Entrepreneur – In this article, I’m going to share with you the keys on how to become a successful entrepreneur, and in this article, I’m going to be teaching you four key points. Now the reality is there’s a lot more than just four points to being an entrepreneur.

But the challenge with most people is that they are looking for the wrong things, most people have focused on the idea. Yeah, is it the amount of money or startup capital that I have? Is it the, you know the education that I get on how to run a business and I’m here to say that while those may be supporting factors in certain circumstances.

They are not the keys you want to focus on if you want to become an entrepreneur to be able to make that leap into captaining your own ship and what I do want you to focus on are these four points specifically because just like being able to hack through something with a shortcut you have these in place. 

It’ll transform everything, it’ll stack the deck in your favor if you don’t have these in place and you have everything else that you think you need like the best idea or business plan I promise you it’s going to be an uphill struggle, so let’s have a look at what these four keys are the first one:

Understand (Become a Successful Entrepreneur)

Understand what a job is because a job is an alternative to being an entrepreneur it’s where most people find themselves having been sold on the school system of traditional education to go get some good grades to get through college get accepted into a prestigious name or you know work hard studying night and day so that you can get a piece of paper signed by somebody. 

You’ve never met to tell you that you’re actually clever enough to master a subject you’re probably never going to focus on once you leave school. 

Now I don’t be disrespectful to people that have actually followed that path but let’s just be real and look at the numbers most people do not get engaged in the thing that they study in school, college, or university. 

It happens to be a system where they’re searching for certainty and when we get to one of the other points you’ll see why that is the antithesis of being an entrepreneur almost conditioned you against taking the risks that are required to become an entrepreneur. 

Yes, of course, we have to take risks but there are ways of doing it to hedge those bets in your favor again these points are going to cover that so understand what is a job, a job is something that you give your time to somebody else for in a fixed job description to be paid a fixed amount of money at the end of the week with or without bonuses and the challenge with that is this if you earn even a good wage. 

Let’s pick a thousand dollars or a thousand pounds a thousand euros or yen a week whatever it is for you that would represent a good wage the challenge with that let’s say a thousand dollars the challenge is that if you’re earning a thousand dollars a week then the job that you’re doing has to be worth more than a thousand dollars a week. 

Otherwise, there are no benefits for the business owner in other words by having a job you will always have to settle for less than what you’re worth, and what you’re doing is you’re trading off that that need for certainty for a lack of self-esteem a lack of self-worth and that, unfortunately, puts people out of the running to be an entrepreneur and stop so many people from embracing the challenge of being able to go forward and contribute something to the world and live the life on their own terms. 

So what is a job is a fast-track to the life of mediocrity case closed now again if you’re passionate about the job that you’re doing then that’s great but this is for people that want to be an entrepreneur and I’m assuming that otherwise, you wouldn’t have clicked on this article so if you’re sat there thinking. 

You know I’ve got my job and I’m holding onto it tightly here but you know here’s the entrepreneur path and you know what when do I let go I’m here to tell you that unless you master these points this is never going to happen so the first thing you have to do to start loosening that grip is to stop telling yourself the story that you need the job you do not need the job you may want the job to give you certainty but I promise you there’s a whole different life waiting on the other side. 


Become a Successful Entrepreneur – To understand what a job is and people sometimes they were looking out what about job security yeah there’s no security in starting my own business I might fail was true a lot of businesses fail but guess what the only job security in my mind is being an entrepreneur because the alternative to that is what the alternative to job security is the ability of your CEO or managing director or the owner of the view of the business that you work for in your job it’s their ability to run his or her company. 

If they don’t run their company well you could be the best at making widgets or filing or doing customer service or whatever the role is that you’re doing you could be the best in the world it doesn’t matter if they can’t run the business that is supplying you that position it’s toast whereas if you get to learn the fundamentals of captaining your own ship then that’s a whole different ball game so first, understand what a job is because then it makes it a little easier to let go second key point 

Ask (Become a Successful Entrepreneur)

Ask what ask better questions now that may sound a little obvious but let me just tell you that most people don’t start businesses most people have a problem in relationships most people go through life unfulfilled simply because they don’t ask the right questions by asking a question it directs the focus of your brain to look in a place where you can have access to more resources or more performant. 

So what kind of questions should you be asking if you want to become an entrepreneur well the first question is why do I want to be an entrepreneur why do you want to be a ensure that of these question why because here’s the first problem that most people make unfortunately most people leave their job because they don’t like their job.

I want to be an entrepreneur because I hate my boss for the wrong reason. I want to be an entrepreneur because my mum and dad yeah don’t think I did well enough and I want to prove to them that I can do it or now I want to be an entrepreneur because you know. 

I know I really want to prove to my brother that I’m as good as he is because he started his business wrong reasons unless you can ask yourself better questions as to why you want to be an entrepreneur yeah and look for the truthful answer is it because it provides a pathway especially in today’s society that gives you a way to find and express your passion is it a pathway so that you can take control of your own life on your own terms. 

Rather than dance to somebody else’s music yeah so what kind of questions you want to ask why am I being an entrepreneur if it’s for the right reasons you’re in if it’s because I want to make more money I’m here to tell you that’s like saying I want to have babies because I want to have more time to myself it doesn’t work that way you’re going to chase your tail they’ll the whole masterclass on money go watch that you’ll understand. 

So if you have a look at asking better questions like if I knew it was impossible to fail what would I do if I could only spend my life doing one thing what would it be hmm if I if there was something that I loved to do so much I’d actually pay to do it what would that sees those kinds of questions start to dial you in away from the certainty trap, in other words, I want to be an entrepreneur. 

So I’m going to start a business in something I think will give me the most chance of success I don’t really enjoy it but it’s something I know that is a fast track to nowhere as opposed to saying you know something I’ve always wanted to work you know with people or animals or numbers or children or work in a customer-facing environment that I can really get out and work and interact with people or whatever. 

It is for you ask yourself that kind of questions will start to lead you down a pathway of passion versus certainty and that’s so important because in business my friends just as in life there is no certainty so if you’re chasing certainty from the beginning because you think that you know more about how to succeed in this I’m here to tell you that will stop 30 seconds into applying whatever it is you think your business plan will give you.


Yeah, there is no certainty business plans are great but I’ve never seen one fail on paper there’s uncertainty at every turn but that’s the nature of life see the strongest trees don’t grow in the best soil they grow in the strongest winds so learning how to approach and accept that level of adversity and uncertainty is really where true entrepreneurs start to shine but ask yourself better questions before you start committing to a life that inherently includes more uncertainty.

Upgrade (Become a Successful Entrepreneur)

Upgrade whatnot your car, not your flight ticket upgrade something way more important that will lead you to be able to upgrade your car and your flight ticket upgrade your peer group now why do I say that because there is a law in life I didn’t make it up but you can look at it everywhere the evidence is astounding it’s called the law of conformity.

I call it the 95 percent law because 5 percent of people in the world own the world 5 percent of people in the world retire in any kind of shape financially let alone emotionally spiritually or otherwise why because they hang out together you hang out with 10 motivated self-starting guys that will call you on your excuses and say you’re better than that come on let’s do it yes you can I believe in you. 

Let’s go and you’ll likely become the 11th you hang around with ten people who sit on the couch eating Hagen dolls making excuses 10 people who prefer sleep rather than success and you’re going to become the 11th not because you’re a good person not because they’re bad people it’s not about that it’s about behaviors are conditioned and your environment is your biggest conditioner. 

So choose your environment to choose who you hang with yeah how do you upgrade your peer group by setting your intention to be somebody of value setting your intention to not accept excuses into your life and therefore the people in your life that come up with excuses will want to be around you anymore why because you’ve just taken theirs away you know one of the tragedies. 

I see if people that want to become an entrepreneur is that they get all excited they have they muster the courage they hand in their notice at work they have this great idea yeah and they run out and they tell their best friend or the people they normally hang with who are entrepreneurs you know that people that they work with or their family or their friends and the first thing that normally happens is it gets shot down in flames the dream stealers of society again not because they’re bad people. 

But because by sharing your ambitions with somebody who has lower ambitions it threatens their model of the world in a way that you could take the excuse away from them to step outside of their comfort zone and most people just aren’t ready for that so love your family chooses your friends to hang out with people who can inspire you Even if you don’t have them in your immediate circle right now, listen to people who inspire you, download podcasts, read their books, watch their videos on YouTube but surround yourself mentally with the energy of people who say yes you can not why you can’t number four.

Develop(Become a Successful Entrepreneur)

The right habits now when we talk about habits a lot of people think I’ll know you know I just got to get into new habits I’m trying to break up my old habits are nothing more than conditioned behaviors over time that’s all don’t make them into more things but there are specific habits the successful and fulfilled entrepreneurs have that I’ve noticed people that don’t quite make the grade don’t quite master and so I’m going to give you a couple of habits up upfront that. 

I think will really help in being able to develop yourself as an entrepreneur the first one is actually developing the habit of taking care of your body now I don’t want to turn this into a fitness video because there’s more than none for those around there but let me tell you something to have the energy and the passion that entrepreneurs have you can’t do it. 

If you’re obese or overweight you can’t have the level of self-esteem if you’re not happy with where you’re at and if you’re going to go out there and be an example for the world for yourself to show them. 

How you can be the person who yeah it shows up when everybody else is in bed you can’t do that if your energy levels are through the floor and then you can’t do it surviving just on caffeine and Red Bull and pre-workout drinks and all of that stuff that has a time limit where they can be useful to get you out into certain states at certain times but relying on that as a habit is a wrong habit but taking charge of your health why because your body is amazing. 

If you stretch it past its comfort zone it will always return with a better version of itself you notice that physically getting up and taking care of yourself and doing what it is that you love. 

I’m not here to say that whether it’s weighted whether it’s yoga whether it’s running whether it’s Pilates whether it’s spinning classes whether it’s just going for a walk in nature whether it’s you know swapping out the sodas for good quality water whether it’s you know choosing not to supersize your meal when you’re in the wrong restaurants yet just yet be mindful of what you put in. 

So developing the habit of being able to take care of your body so that it can serve you on your journey he has a famous story of a friend of mine told me of a homeless guy that was in great shape at 80 and they asked him a question why are you such great shape you’re homeless you don’t join a gym you can’t even afford food how come you’re in such amazing shape. 

I’ll never forget what they said that the story said that he used to go around all the fruit and veg markets at the end of the day and get anything was leftover so diet was literally a raw fruit and veg and he Terran he says well, of course, I take care of my health if I don’t look after my body. 

I’ll have nowhere to live and I thought wow what an insight what a beautiful insight my friends if we don’t make time for health we can only make time for an illness that’s it the challenges most people don’t oil the garden gates until it starts squeaking and then it’s too late so do something healthy take care of your body first have it second have it. 


Become a Successful Entrepreneur – I’m going to encourage you to look at the habit of embracing uncertainty. We spoke a lot about certainty and uncertainty in this article predominantly because the number one characteristic or the number one trait I’ve seen the separate successful entrepreneurs from unsuccessful entrepreneurs is the willingness to handle uncertainty.

How do you do that practice getting out of your comfort zone which my friends if you only knew what a comfort zone was you’d only be too keen to jump out of it like a frog out of a saucepan it’s so inconsistent with our nature of who we are so you know if you can have the habit of embracing uncertainty by doing something each day where you go to where your fear.

Robin Sharma, an amazing guy turns around says you know the fears we don’t face become our limits, yeah I know Robin I’ve shared the stage with Robin he’s an amazing guy who has such a depth of information but that one quote is so true fears. 

You don’t face become your limits so on that note please stretch and push yourself it maybe just doing you know I’m scared of public speaking to go speaker you know a Toastmasters go book something in the diary right now that would cause you to go whoa go ask out the guy or the girl on a date you’ve had your eye on. 

Whatever it may be, just go and do something outside of your comfort zone, start developing that habit and everything else becomes easy. Now again I could go into lots more stuff but I wanted to give you those four keys because if you master those four everything else falls into place. 

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Conclusion(Become a Successful Entrepreneur)

If you have that as a foundation your road your pathway to becoming an entrepreneur who is passionate that has let go of the certainty of a job that has developed the right habits that have asked themselves the best questions to point their focus in a direction that takes them towards their passion rather than towards a pathway of mediocrity and to develop the habit of being fit healthy vibrant to have that energy that sparked that a passion so that you can chase the life of the dreams the life that you deserve to live as an enlightened entrepreneur you.

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