How to Become Rich – 7 Secrets All Self-Made Millionaires Use

How to Become Rich – What if she took the top 1% of performers in the world the self-made millionaires, billionaires, and looked at what they all had in common over those seven traits that we’re going to unpack that in this article.

Full disclosure, not a billionaire not even a millionaire but using these seven methods I’m on track to be won by the age of 30 mindset number one millionaires and billionaires.

Think Big (Become Rich)

So many times we let our past determine our future we say I can’t have X, I can’t have a million dollars, I can’t be on the path to a billion dollars because here’s all the reasons in my past and ways I failed that are preventing me from getting there we let being realistic stop us and hold us back from the life.

We want from the life we deserve and that’s the mission on this website is we are here to stop settling and start living the first step to doing that is this practice a concept called zero-based thinking.

This comes from Brian Tracy if you could start over today you could scrap everything in your past.

  • How would you act?
  • How would you behave?
  • What are the habits you would instill?
  • Would you hang out with?
  • Would you be in the same business you’re in right now?
  • Would you be doing the same things you’re doing every single day?
  • Would you be living in the same environment?
  • Would you be dating that person?
  • Would you be spending money on what you’re spending?

Here you answered no to any of those, No. I would change something then get moving and change it Steve Jobs said it best and he says “To look around you everything around you changes when you realize it was built by people who are no smarter than you everything around you are built by people who are no smarter than you and I allow yourself to dream to think big. And that’s how you get the results that’s how you break task limiting beliefs practice your based thinking and just go for it.

Alright now that we’ve fought big enough let’s talk now about the nitty-gritty on how to get rich okay there are two ways I like to think about this Derek Halpern likes to tell the story about a locksmith.

Mindset Way

Now this guy starts out and he goes around the clients his house and unlocks their locks that are stuck first it takes him two and a half hours, he’s sitting there fiddling with the lock struggling he can’t get it open and then finally BOOM it opens that’ll be two hundred and fifty dollars.

Well, what happens over time this locksmith gets better and better his job pretty soon the first taking him an hour 30 minutes and then eventually he can get that lock open in just 10 minutes that’ll be $250.

What he noticed is when he charged people $250 for the two hours they would happily pay it, but as this locksmith started getting better and better at his job the time went less and less and he charged the same amount his client started throwing a fit.

What do you mean $250? I saw you open that lock with the click of a button in ten minutes but with the locksmith understood is that he wasn’t compensated for his time two and a half hours it took him to open the lock what the customer didn’t understand that the locksmith is compensated for the value you and I need to adopt that mindset of being compensated for the value the results.

We give to a company to an organization to ourselves in our business to others instead of the amount of time we put in so to summarize ditch the time for hours mindset and start thinking of the value for dollars mindset.

Serve The Masses to Become Rich

The second way on this point number three increases the size of those you serve Jim Rohn’s legendary motivational speaker said, “The more I serve the more I earn.”

I know a trainer at the gym I go to good friends of him this man works himself sick he works 12-hour days probably five days a week trains 50 to 60 clients every single week is very open with me he makes about Atka year what’s wrong with this is that he’s tapped out, he’s pushed himself to the max ATK is the most amount he will make now what would happen if he took one or two days off and he instead of 80k for 50 60 clients he trained 40 or 30 clients and brought in 40k a year.


But in those two days he focused on serving the masses in other words he got out of that 50 to 60 people with all I can serve and he put it into creating videos on YouTube he put it into growing an email as he put it into marketing himself as a trainer online going after the masses of people pretty soon over time might not be instant.

He would eventually make that difference of that 40k a year because once you know how to make 40k it’s easier to scale that up to 400. Okay? If he took one or two days and focused:

  • How do I serve the masses?
  • How can I scale? What I’m doing?
  • Can I film these workouts and post them online?
  • Can I attract people to me by giving away free information?

And then eventually release products to them and pretty soon over time you’re making that difference of that 40k by now working three days a week instead of five mindsets of self-made millionaires and billionaires.

Communicate (Become Rich)

Communicate I love the quote Tony Robbins has he says, “The quality of your life is the quality of your communication.” This really comes down to two areas, how well you communicate with yourself? What we talked about on this blog right our internal self-talk the dialogue.

We’re telling ourselves the zero-based thinking but also how well you communicate with others look at self-made millionaires and billionaires look at Steve Jobs look at Oprah look at Tony Robbins look at Bill Gates what do they have in common?

They have a method of speaking the people that connect Warren Buffett one of the richest men of all time said that taking Dale Carnegie’s public speaking course was one of the best investments he’s ever made in themselves let’s end this on a quote from Tim Ferriss out of the 4-hour workweek says that, “A person’s success or failure in life comes down to the number of the uncomfortable conversation he or she is willing to have communicating means speaking.”

Well to others connecting with others but also being okay having the tough conversations that put you forward mindset.

Decide, Commit, Achieve

We got to go after our goals go after success with laser targeted focus almost an obsession and then it will happen point in case Bill Gates said he didn’t leave the cubicle for ten years, ten years before he eventually became a success one of the richest man of all time now.

But when he follows stories about Bill Gates what do you see you see him speaking on stage? You see him revealing products, you see him talking with people.

You don’t see him hunched over in a cubicle for those ten years, he was grinding it out and killing himself just to become successful Bill Gates, didn’t try 50 things and then stumble across one that worked he went after one with laser targeted focus one of my biggest lessons of 2016 just looking at it in my journal it said:

I’ll I used to think, I’ll try things until something successful now I think I’ll commit and stick at something until it’s successful.


This image right here really illustrates the point we don’t know sometimes how close or far away successes what if you quit ten feet before the finish line all your results are lost everything you worked for is gone success comes to those who have that laser-targeted focused to go after what they want and are ruthless with getting it success mindset of the self-made.

Speed is King to Become Rich

Speed is King was watching a video actually on the same topic I think his value tainment was the guy Patrick, he said that one of the best things entrepreneurs do because they adopt this mindset that I can create faster than anyone can copy.

I love that right there don’t worry about what everyone else is doing worry about speed and creating your product your art and putting it out there to the world billionaire Mark Cuban from Shark Tank owns the Dallas Mavericks I love what he said on one episode he said that I believe perfection is the enemy of profitability.”

I wrote that down because that resonates if you and I were so focused on becoming perfectionist on making everything, we put out into this world absolutely perfect how are we going to get anywhere you need speed you need that execution you need mass amounts to remember what we talked about with serving the masses of massive value doesn’t come from putting out one or two perfect things they may be thinking Clark.

Why don’t want to put out good when perfect is what Apple products are perfect is what you know those best-selling books are perfect is what fill in the blank is I agree with you.


Here’s why you want to do good because that’s your MVP your minimal Viable Product the iPhone went through how many generations are around now seven before it became better and better and better and better, but it started with the iPhone one.

If you brought out the ice on the day you’d look at it and say this is you know this is a hunk of metal what is this thing doing you’d find all these flaws with it but at the time it was so cutting edge people flock to it and then they kept making it better and better and better that was their MVP there’s always stuff to improve on with your focus on.

Put your art into the world focus on starting things become faster at getting it out there create faster than anyone can copy that’s how you get ahead with a business success mindset.

Model The Masters (Become Rich)

The last one model the Masters again going back to a Jim Rohn quote success leaves Clues one true them that’s very spot-on is you are who you hang around birds the feather flock together.

If you look at your five people you hang around most your the average of them so you got to seek out people it’s why it’s important to think out people who are ahead of you and average yourself up instead of hanging around what’s comfortable or even what feels good subconsciously you know if you hang around people who are doing worse than you.

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You get an ego boost from them because you’re the successful one you shouldn’t feel like that amongst your friends find five people find communities like this one find people online now we’re globally connected and average yourself up into the top five people you hang around most seek out mentors seek out coaches seek out people who have been there that you can learn from and shorten the learning curve there you go those are the seven mindsets of self-made millionaires and billionaires.

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