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Zubeida Begum | zubeida begum dhanrajgir biography

Zubeida Begum – Nowadays, women’s empowerment has become a common word. Girls are leading their life according to their choice.

They are following their dream and making them successful in their life.

Unfortunately, 100 years ago, the situation was different, girls had to hide behind the parda and were not allowed to live their life according to their way.

The personal life of royal girls was stricter than ordinary girls. They had to follow more protocols than others.

At this time, Zubeida Begum started her career as an actress.

For today which is quite common, but at that time, it was a very dare decision which she took.

She was noted as one of the fighters who fought for women empowerment in India.

As a result, the scenario of current society is changing.

zubeida begum

Extra Ordinary Zubeida Begum: Early life and Struggle

Zubeida Begum was one of the most famous faces of the fast talkie movie Alam Ara. In 1931 she started her journey as a reputed actress.

She was noted as a rule-breaker of India. In the year of 1931, no one was not familiar with seeing a lady in the movies.

In most of the scenarios, guys play the female role.

Zubeida Begum was the first lady who worked as a female artist in the early talkie movie Alam Ara, which was not an easy job for her.

She had to fight a lot to play the role, which makes her extraordinary than others.

Baby Zubeida Begum was born in 1911 in Surat. Her father was a Nawab, so she was noted as the Muslim princess.

As she belongs to a royal family, she had to follow some protocols and rules.

She doesn’t like it. From early childhood, she wants to decide and wants to make her own choices so that she can become extraordinary.

At the age of 12, she made her first debut in Kohinoor.

So, it can be said that from that time, she had to fight a lot with her society to establish her name as a reputed actress.

In the year 1931, when she played Alam Ara, the pay scale remains higher than the male actor who was a benchmark in Indian cinema.

Soon she became the inspiration of Indian actresses. Did you know who the inspiration behind her success was?

Fatima Begum, her mother, was noted as the first lady director of Indian cinema,

so the people said that Zubeida Begum became familiar with “lights -camera-action” from her mother.

As an extraordinary child of an extraordinary family, she had become the role model of many heroins.

Her film career was in the top peak since she started her career.

Among all of them, Kala chord, Devdasi, and Laila Majnu remain most popular among the Indians.

At a very early age, she was in a relationship with Jal merchant.

In relationship matters, she was considered as extraordinary by most of the people.

Despite being a princess, she had dated a common man. Instead of it, their relationship does not work out.

They broke up, and Zubeida Ali got married to Maharaja Narsingir Dhanrajgir Gyan Bahadur of Hyderabad and became Zubeida begum dhanrajgir.

The queen of Hyderabad. Unfortunately,

she also had to face bad luck as her husband died after some years of marriage. In the last part of her life, she decided to live in the Hyderabad palace.

From the very beginning to the last of her life, she established herself as an extraordinary character.

When any girls are not allowed to join the film industry, she takes the dare to enter in the industry.

At that time, it was noted as the apparent attempt against the conventional.

She did not need to start her career with the help of nepotism.

She got a chance in Indian cinema for her extraordinary capability, which makes her different from others.

By following her footsteps, her two sisters also took their steps in the film industry.

Later her granddaughter Riha Pillai also became a part of Indian cinema. She became a leading model of India.

Now girls are getting freedom. We can see women empowerment in any part of the world.

Girls are becoming presidents to rule the nation.

But in 1920, the situation faced by girls was not the same. Daury, child marriage, and many superstitious steps were taken towards the girl child.

Many of them had to live without their parents from that time when they born.

Hindu family or Muslim family scenario was almost the same for every girl.

Girls should respect those fighters like Zubeida Begum who had changed the scenario.

If that time, Zubeida did not take the step to join Indian Cinema, or her mother did not fight to be an established director, may the scenario be different from today.

May the girl child have to face the same problems which they had to face 100 years ago.

Zubeida was one of those successful women who enlightened the way of success to other girls.

She taught girls how to fight with society to be something. Being a part of the royal family.

she can spend her life in her palace, but she didn’t, she chased her dream and became the extraordinary character of Indian cinema.

That makes her noticeable in Indian cinema.

Final thought :

Zubeida Begum died in 1988 in her Mumbai palace. Zubeida Begum not just a princess, a queen, or a mother, she was one of the most famous faces in Indian cinema and one of the fighters for women empowerment.

She had to fight a lot with the society people to come to the front of the camera.

She was paid more than heroes, which was an extraordinary verdict of Indian cinema.

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Now, the girls are getting out of her house, leaving parda, just because of these iconic people.

If they do not take the step like this or never fought for their freedom, then after years of Indian independence, girl children had to live behind the parda till now.

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