How to Start your Blog

How to Start Your Blog in 2020? | Ultimate Guide For Beginners

How to Start your Blog – Nowadays, blog writing is a popular job in all over the world. In case you are passionate about writing, you can choose blogging as your occupation. It will help you to follow your passion and you can also make money with it.

The blog is a regularly updated website that shares various information to its reader and according to it, the blogger receives money. It is one of the most accessible techniques to start your own business from your home.

It does not require any degree or previous experience to start your blog. If you are passionate about writing or you have storytelling credentials, you can start your blog. It also does not need any technical experience.

In case you are a newcomer in the field, and you are not aware of how to start your blog, then this post is only for you. You can follow the information listed below.

How to Start your Blog

How to Start your Blog in 12 Steps

1). Choose a blog name and niche:

To start your blog, the first thing you should consider is that you need to choose a perfect name for your blog and a suitable slot. Try to select the niche which you like from your heart. It will help you to be more informative on your blog.

There are several niches present from which you can select your favorite one. It may include health, technical, travel, food or much more. In that case, try to choose a name that is more attractive, and name plays a crucial role here. So, choose the name wisely.

2). Go for suitable web hosting: (Start Your Blog)

After completion of first step, you need to start your web hosting, and also you should a perfect web hosting for you to start your blog.

It is the gateway to create an online presence of your blog. Try to choose a hosting plan upon which you can rely on. Select the method according to your budget.

There are many web hosting companies present in the market, and you can get help from them. You can also go for a self-hosted blogging platform or free platforms.

3). Choose a domain name: (Start Your Blog)

In the next step, you need to choose one of the preferable domain names. First of all, choose the domain name according to the budget. It is the unique name that will be your identification.

The domain name will be decided as yours till the time you pay annual fees for it. Users who are aware of your domain name will be able to find you by typing the address bar’s domain name.

The people who don’t have your domain name will be able to search you via search engines like Google. You can also be able to choose your domain name as your niche name. The domain name is significant for the establishment of the blog.

4). Create a hosting web account:

The next step is to create a perfect web hosting account for you. After creating a domain name, the next thing which you have to perform is to create a hosting web account.

The web hosting account will make sure that your website is available round the clock. On the other hand, try to make the web hosting name by creating the domain registration service. By registering a proper domain name, you will be able to subscribe to the facility of the domain.

Make sure that an incorrect web host can cause more than one problem with your blog. So, make sure that you have chosen a proper web hosting company.

5). Start your blog on WordPress:

After managing a web hosting account, you need to start your blog on WordPress. On that note, navigate to WordPress and choose a theme that matches your niche. On that note, you can also select the topic of your blog according to the suggestion of WordPress.

These suggestions will help you to attract more traffic to your website. The correct theme will also help you to manage the front end needs of your blog. Once your WordPress is installed on your device, search for a new topic for your blog. To choose a theme, there are many terms that you need to verify. Once the idea satisfies your need, you will be able to accept it.

First of all, read the descriptions of the theme accordingly. Many of the themes come with specifications or features or functionality.  Once you understand the descriptions, you will be able to check whether the idea matches what you need or not.

Next, you need to check the responsiveness of the design which you are going to choose. In case you notice the responsiveness does not match, try to avoid the theme.

Check the responsiveness of your idea, try to navigate it using your mobile or your computer. The concept which you feel more responsive, you will be able to check the words correctly.

Once you check the responsiveness, you will be able to check the ratings of it. In the preview section, you will be able to know the star ratings and you will be able to see whether it will match your profile or not.

After selecting the theme, you need to preview the theme. Once you notice that the preview is a good idea for the look, layout and the customization of it.

6. Create blog content:

Once you complete all of the procedures related to start your blog, the next thing which you need to follow is to create the blog content. To create the content, there are specific criteria that are required to be managed at the beginning.  Among all of them, fixing keywords is the first criteria.

To check the keywords, the first thing which is needed is to know about SEO techniques. Now, you can try to perform various keyword research techniques to manage the keywords.

To conduct keyword research, you can use google. Google will help you to know the usage of the keywords. The keywords that are used by your opponents will be shown on Google to perform the analysis.

By performing the analysis of the keyword, you will be able to know the proper keywords that can be used in your blog. The keywords will help to increase web traffic. Also, by increasing the traffic, you will be able to create proper content.

Next, try to make your content SEO optimized. While writing, make sure that the content you are delivering, the density of keywords in it is in the correct ratio.

Try to check that the contents you are writing are readable or not. Make sure that the readability of the content is high. You can use some software to know that your content is readable enough or not.

7. Create a launch blog:

When you are trying to start your blog for the first time, before that, you can create a launch blog to promote your content.

As branding plays an essential role in order to improve the traffic of the website, you can create a launch blog to make sure that your viewers are aware that you are going to launch your original contents.

8. Create a Title tag:

You can also try to create a title tag for your content. While you are trying to create a title tag, make sure that you have included the keywords that you have taken from Google earlier. Next, try to make the title tag up to 60 to 80 characters. 

In case you notice the title tag is lower than it. It means you cannot use the title tag. At the beginning of your project, try to choose a catchy headline for your content.

Otherwise, you will lose traffic at the very beginning of your content. On the other hand, make sure that you are not making a long title tag. Creating a long title tag can make your content a little boring. So, always try to choose a catchy one.

9. Catchy Introduction:

To start your blog at first time, you should know that the introduction is the vital part of the content.

When the readers enter in your blog, they first read the introduction part of the content. So try to make sure that your introductive content is catchy enough. If you do not select an appealing introduction for your blog, it can lose traffic at the very beginning.

The introduction is the summary of the whole content, so try to make it more informative, don’t include any irrelevant information in it. On the other hand, make sure that the introduction is not so long as the readers will lose hope while reading your content.

A catchy, readable and informative introduction can increase the traffic by 80%.  A short but informative introduction can make your content more popular among the readers. So, make sure that you are creating a catchy headline for your content.

10. Meta description:

Creating a meta description of your content can enhance the visibility of your content. The meta description appears just before the heading of the content.

Make sure that it is also a catchy one and it is within 290 characters. The detailed meta description can enhance the visibility of your content. As soon as you begin to write your content, make sure that you have written a proper meta description for it. You don’t need to know the code to add meta tags to your content.

If you are passionate enough to write blogs, you can easily create a meta description of it.

11. Create a Content Plan:

Make sure that you are using a proper content plan for your blog. An appropriate plan of content will help you to make your blog more popular among the viewers.

The appropriate content plan will help you to create and promote your brand properly. On that note, make sure the topics you are choosing are collected by performing proper research from Google. 

You can also write your content plan on a sheet. In the sheet, you can write the keyword and the subordinate keywords of it.

The proper content plan will help you to create an appropriate workflow in your blog. The content plans which you are making, can help you to manage the attractiveness of your content.

So, from the article, it is sure that while trying to create content, there are several steps that you need to follow carefully. When you begin the task, you will be able to manage your blog very easily and quickly.

A proper web blog consists of an appropriate plan and at the beginning, make sure that you have done all the steps very carefully.

12. Sum It Up:

When you will write something on your blog, be careful enough at the grammar.

The spellings and grammar which you are using in your content make sure that it is correct. On the other hand, you can also choose a perfect hosting plan according to the needs of your blog.

There are several circumstances where you can give hosting support to your blog. In some cases, you can also choose some attractive plans for your blog.

The plans will help you to establish the brand of your blog. Don’t try to choose more than one niche for your blog, try to select a proper niche for it. Once you choose the niche and the hosting account according to it, never try to change it again.

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Next, make sure the contents are not too long; otherwise, the readers will not read it carefully. To maintain the attention of all readers and to attract all readers, there are some specific strategies that you should apply in your content.

The contents which you are writing try to make it in a storytelling way. It will help the reader to read your content correctly and if you are trying to choose your blog as your business or want to make money from it, you have to follow these rules. Hopefully, these are the rules for blog writing, which will help you to enhance your business in the blog writing.

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