How to become a micro-influencer

How to Become a Micro Influencer in 2020 | Beginner Guide?

Micro influencer – In the digital world, the internet and social media accounts hold a lot of power. So, if you are active on social media platforms and you have followers accounting between 10,000 and 50,000, then you hold a lot of power and influence. Why?

Because these followers are people who are interested in your opinions, they care about what you think and say, and hence, you have a little sway over their decisions.

This makes you a micro-influencer. This is good news for you, not just status wise, but because it has economic benefits too. According to the reports, a micro-influencer can earn a few hundred dollars for every post.

All you need to do is to gather an audience, on your social media platforms, and then you will have brands looking at you because you have an audience base that they are looking for.

According to PwC, nearly 45% of digital buyers confessed that the posts, reviews, and comments on social media influence their purchasing decisions.

And thus, the brands are ready to invest a small sum to have influencers post a review about them.

This means that should you become a micro-influencer, the brands will pay you only to have you post your opinion. Some would say it is easy work, especially when you look at the money that an influencer makes.

But the issue is that even if the road after you have become a micro-influencer may seem smooth, the journey that you have to make to get there is not an easy one.

Hence, if you wish to become a micro-influencer, then there are certain things that you will have to take care of.

Now, don’t worry if you don’t have any idea about what those things are because that is exactly what we are here to help you with. Just read our guide and you will find many, if not all the answers, in here.

How to Become a Micro Influencer in 2020

Become a micro-influencer

Well, for becoming a micro-influencer all you need is wide followership. As many followers you have, that much sway you will hold, and that much more money you will make. Now, to increase your followership, here are some tips that we believe will be of help. Check them out?

1). Generality is not in, specialize yourself

You see, one of the mistakes that most of the influencers commit is that they choose random and generic topics to talk about as influencers.

Most of the influencers that you will find out there today are either “food influencers,” or “sports influencers” or “style influencers.” – something that is very generic and wide, and hence a choice that many people make.

But because many people have already opted for such options the audience has stopped paying attention to it. Hence, if you will make a similar choice, then there is a high chance that it won’t be effective. In short, people will walk by you and won’t even notice.

Hence, if you want people to take you into account, then be specific. Very specific. Shelve your general wide options and narrow down and select a niche.

So, for example, if you want to become a makeup influencer, then be very specific and become a ‘specific type of makeup influencer’ and if you want to become a nutrition influencer, then maybe become a keto diet influencer.

This will make you stand out and also people who want to find you will find it easy to locate you.

This will help you in building your followership. Also, it is easy for influencers to expand once they have established their presence, but on the other hand, when you have established yourself, it is not possible to narrow down afterward.

2). Don’t be random, choose a field that fits you

Now, when you are choosing what field you will be working in, that decision should not be random instead, you should take care to decide what you come up with.

So, select a field that you know about, choose something that you like, and which is your passion. This will help you in walking down that lane without getting bored fast.

So, if you love gadgets then maybe talk about them, post your videos and discuss their pros and cons, and if you like traveling then post your traveling stories and share your experiences, talk about them and give people a specific idea of how you managed.

What did you take on that trip with you, where did you stay, what kind of people you met there, how did you stay on budget, etc.

Remember, the more passionately you feel about your field, the stronger will be your pull, and hence, the more will be your chances of success as an influencer.

3). Look for problems, instead of solutions

Another thing that you should take care of when you are trying to become an influencer is that you should focus upon the problem, rather than the idea. Now, what do we mean by that?

See, when you are becoming an influencer you should first start with the problem. Once you have figured it out you can work on it and search many solutions.

Among them whichever solution seems the most genuine can be given a try. If it works out well and good, however, if it doesn’t then you can always move on and try a new solution.

So, for example, if you feel that the info about keto-diet is short on Instagram, then you can make infographics on it and promote it.

If people like them, this will result in increased followership, if they don’t, then you will have to think of a new way to share the info.

However, on the other hand, if you focus on the idea rather than the issue, then chances are that you will grow attached to them (after all, you have worked on them too hard).

In that case, even if it doesn’t work out, you will keep on pushing it. This will reduce your popularity.

4). Don’t use the fake it, till you make it approach

Many people out there think that the fake it, till you make it approach, is the only way to succeed. But in all honesty, that is not true.

In fact, the “i-know-it-all approach” can usually be recognized by the audience and it generally ends up hurting your authenticity and popularity.

People can see through it and they can comprehend that you don’t know as much as you are trying to show off.

Hence, in order to ensure that your authenticity and reliability stays intact, use the learner’s approach. Each day try to learn something more about your field. Everyday research a little more.

So, if you are a keto nutritionist, maybe research every day and read about the people who have used this approach and how they have benefitted from it.

And whatever you learn, share it with your audience. Tell them, what you discovered today, and build your expertise regularly. This way your audience will know that you are trying.

5). Draw inspiration, but don’t be a copycat

There is a line that exists between being a copycat and drawing inspiration. Now we all know that being original and coming up with new ideas and concepts every day is a tough job.

No matter how creative you are but you just can’t be unique on your own. No artist can. A writer, a lyricist, a composer, everyone needs inspiration. So does the influencers.

But when you are drawing inspiration, you should remember to not become a copycat. That is to say, that yes you are allowed to check out the works of other influencers who belong from your field, and you can sometimes maybe use their concept.

But while doing that remember, that you are not allowed to use their concept as it is, instead you should add something to it, like your own personal twist.

So, say if you are a food blogger and you are going to talk about a smoothie recipe, then ensure to not copy-paste that recipe as it is. Instead, experiment with it and add to it a twist of your own. Add something more, reduce something else. Do that many times and eventually, you will have a recipe that your influencers will drool over!

6). Be generous, maybe use some gifts(How to become a micro Influencer)

Now we know it might sound like a bribe, but it isn’t. It’s just a clever tactic that almost all influencers out there are using. So, to continue being a part of the race you need to follow this trend too.

But don’t worry we are not recommending you go all crazy with the gifts. Instead, our sense of gift is something generous and light. Give information. Be sharing. And show your audience that you care. Those are the most valuable gifts.

Plus, another tactic that you can use is to give a shout-out. So, when one of your followers shares your work or your page, be generous and thank him publically. Maybe you could crack a small joke.

That will do wonders for your popularity. Other than these small gifts, you can share or send the actual gifts or product samples on special occasions. But remember, don’t send too many of them or you won’t make any money as an influencer.

7). Don’t be stiff, be a storyteller

Human beings are a sucker for good stories. They love it when other people share their experiences with them, and since as an influencer, your main purpose is to connect with your audience so, it makes sense that you go into storytelling mode. How does this work?

Well, for example, assume that you are sharing the recipe of the smoothie. Now in this case, if you will just post the picture of the smoothie and post instructions, then you will come out as robotic and stiff. People won’t like it that way.

Hence, when you are talking about your recipe maybe first begin with small talk like how smoothie refreshes you or how that flavor is your favorite. Just be sharing and storytelling. And people will find it difficult to resist you and, so they will come to you on their own.

8). Don’t give up, keep yourself motivated

When you are trying to become a micro-influencer, it is understandable that you are aiming for the stars. You want 100k followers, you want to work in collaboration with your dream companies and all.

But you should remember that the journey to touch the stars is a long and painful one. You just can’t reach them in one night, when you have started your journey the same morning.

Now, the issue is how do we keep ourselves motivated for this long and tiring journey? How to ensure that we don’t give up? Well, the key is to work on small goals and to achieve them.

So, instead of those 100k followers, how about aiming for 1k followers for the start, create other similar milestones like making a post every two days? When you achieve that you can be sure that you are moving in the right direction. Hence, making small goals to mark your success can keep you motivated.

9). Don’t be an oldie, embrace videos (How to become a micro Influencer)

There is a reason why social media platforms in recent times have made so many changes and introduced so many options. They have embraced the video world to increase their popularity, and so should you.

Today, there are so many options, both Instagram and Facebook in order to help their account holders enjoy a better reach to their audience have introduced the story’s options.

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Now, you can make these small clips and work on increasing your reach. Plus, on Instagram, you also have the option to go live. Your audience will love that. You can use it to talk to your followers directly. This will create a strong bond between you and your people.

So, these are some simple tips that you can follow to become a micro-influencer. The road might be tough but our suggestions will help you in overcoming the hurdles.

All the best!

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