How to Become a Successful Video Editor

How to Become a Successful Video Editor – In this article I’m going to talk about the five traits that you need to be a good video editor, so what is a video editor anyway, if someone who takes a bunch of videos music clips and source media puts them all together cut them up and put them in a sequence to tell a story.

So some of these traits you might be natural-born good or inclined at and some of them you might need to practice a little bit at well let’s get into the first item on the list and kick it off with number one which is being a good.

Communication and Storyteller

So since video is kind of like communication you have to be able to be good at communicating what you want so if your video is intended to give across a certain emotion or Drive a certain message to the viewer or teach a lesson the better you are at telling that story visually through the clips the color grading you use the choice of music that you pick the more effective of a communicator you are the better of a video editor you’ll be because you know what you need to do to speak to your audience through the video.

Sculptor and knowing what to take away

So just like a sculptor starts with a solid block of rock and chisels away at it until they create their statue or piece of art your video is going to start with a bunch of solid cliffs of media music and video and photo that you’re going to need to be the one who decides what stays and what needs to be taken away, so you need to understand what is going to serve your videos purpose help you communicate the story and what is not necessary video editing is a lot about cutting stuff away rather than adding effects, so keep that in mind next time you’re editing a project you’re thinking about how to be a better editor a lot of it is what can I take away that I don’t need to my final project so that brings me into thing.

Good visualizer (Successful Video Editor)

It means I can close my eyes and think about in my head what I want the final product to look like because if you know what you want the final prize to look like then you know what to do with your source media and videos so you can hear a piece of music and say, oh, I know I’m going to put a fade right there this would look cool with this type of cut or this sounds like this type of video it’s a thing that some people have called synesthesia. Synesthesia where you see colors and you represent colors and sounds as numbers and colors someone corrects me.

If I’m wrong on that but you need to have a good sense of what salads look like and what emotions look like, so this one I don’t really know how you can practice it kind of like having a good imagination and being able to visualize the end product in your head does that bring in a thing.

Technically proficient with the software and tools and up-to-date with the modern tools

So well the first video editors might have cut film with scissors and tape nowadays we have all these software’s that can get a little bit complicated if you don’t know how to use them so it’s up to you to know all the tools available that you have, because it’s one thing if you can visualize the final prophet in your head and it’s another thing to actually be able to put that down physically onto a disc or computer and get it to play back to the world.


You might have the perfect video in your head but if you don’t know how to use the tools to get there that’s why a lot of people hire video editors because they don’t know the technical tools and they’re not proficient with them to get there so resources like lot of channels and others Google is your best friend I guess film school.

If you want to go to traditional route and want to be in film industries make movies and whatnot this isn’t really discussion about film school versus not film school but be good at your tools the better you are at the tools the better you know these tools and I have tons of tutorials on them the better you’ll be able to tell your stories get your visions across and be able to physically take stuff away like we said in all the previous points and that brings me to my last point is you have to be a good.

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Problem solver (Successful Video Editor)

There’s tons of times where you’re going to get an error in Premiere Pro whatever software you’re using some clip isn’t working so it’s just not rendering for some reason the client or yourself needs it to be less than three minutes but your clip is sitting at four minutes and thirty seconds and you just don’t know what to take out you’re going to face a lot of problems and this is kind of the fun part in it as well I’m not going to call it problem solving it’s almost like putting a puzzle together how are you going to take all these clips that you got from the day and turn them into the final video.

You need to be able to arrange, okay what if I put this here what if I put this clip over here what if I switch the soundtrack this person’s talking a little bit too quiet from one place to another place, what if I add some bird sound effects you get the idea a lot of the fun for me is in the problem solving.

I guess it’s why people do Sudoku puzzles and other board games but you can do your own puzzles by creating your final video so all of those points listed I think those are five skills and traits that every good video editor needs and I’m sure there’s a ton more let me know which ones you guys can think of in the comments which ones you guys are good at naturally or you need to practice.

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