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Best Way To Make Money Online 2020 | how to make money online

If you ask what’s trending in today’s times, blogging will be a sure shot answer. But it is not just a trend, but one can even make money through it. There are many other ways of making money, but blogging is a more approachable ting for today’s generations. The process to make money online can be interesting enough.

If you are someone who is aspiring to make money online but has no idea of it, then you have landed at the right place. This guide is going to unfold you different ways of make money online 2020 through blogging.

Make Money Online

18 Ways You Can Absolutely Make Money Online

1). Affiliate marketing: –

Affiliate marketing is the most promising ways of making money through blogs. This is the process when you complete your audience to try out a product through blogs or videos or any other content in our site.

If you are getting paid for your work, then you can enjoy a lump sum of money due to the traffic generated in your site as well as from the companies. You can review a wide variety of products and mention the experiences treasured.

2). Google Ads: –

Another fantastic way to make money online is leaving few spaces in your sites for ads. But for that, you need to have an individuality of your website and keep hold of a large section of the audience. Only then you will receive offers of adding advertisements on your websites, and you can earn huge amount of money by charging them.

You will be paid for the clicks generated on the ads due to your site. You can even take the help of the advertiser’s pool who release huge payouts to make money online.

3). Using the WordPress Advertising Plugin: –

Google Adsense is undoubtedly an amazing method to make money online, but it generates a limited amount. The direct selling of the spaces for an ad on your site can prove you a more effective method to earn money.

This Google Adsense plays the role of a neutral party who sells your site’s space for advertisements. But having direct clients can help you negotiate the price on your terms. But if your website does not have a hold on a vast mass, then you can charge a flat rate r can even choose to take the help of Google Adsense.

This is so because bringing attention to the site is quite complicated than that of charging low rates for advertising. 

4). Selling blogs that are sponsored: –

Advertisements can even play the wrong card at times. This is so because the people get annoyed and irritated continuously with the continuous interruption of ads. Now, are you wondering another way to make money online? Then that is selling sponsored blogs. Blogs are fascinating, and people are less likely to get bored with them.

But when you are selling a blog at your site, make sure that it is worth the attention of your audience. In this way, you can have a negotiable deal with the top companies who are desperately willing to market their services and bring worth to their company online.

5). Paid review writing: –

You can hardly fail to make money online as there are so many routes to take. One of which is review writing. Yes, you heard that right. You write appealing reviews on the affiliate blogs or in the sites of the companies for which you will be paid.

Most of the people keep a strict watch on the reviews rather than on the affiliate blogs to collect the right information. This is why the companies invest in the review writers to generate an excellent social media reputation. You can take advantage of this source and charge the amount to the companies.

6). Hiring public speaking gigs to create an influence: –

Influencers are the people whose voices are uniquely audible to the audiences. People always follow them, and you can take advantage of the factor by hiring influencers to compel the viewer to visit your site.

Traffic can be instantly generated if your site has influencers speaking. So, if you have a negotiable deal, then never step back to hire an influencer who can create an observable difference in the number of followers in your site. Hence, a generous amount of traffic on your website can help you make money online.

7). Creating unique content restricted for members only: –

You can have many successful examples of companies who have grown their momentous empire just by implementing this step. Netflix, Amazon prime etc. have grown to be the entertainment platforms which have gained immense popularity.

The companies even make a lot of money through this. Their content is restricted for the members only. There are many blogging sites who have tried this method out.

But an essential part of implementing this method is to have the premium quality of content that can encourage people to take membership of your site. In this way, you can

8). make a lot of money. Making the site interactive by conducting the questions-answers session: –

Interaction with the followers is a sure0shot way of clicking to the hearts of millions. Have your attention on the topics which have got the interests of enormous mass.

You can raise discussions on your site and can seek valuable opinions from your audiences to create a review. Hosting such conferences can bring you a lot more visitors.

You can address essential matters as well and bring awareness to your society. In this way, you can make money online and do something valuable for a sizeable community.

You can even go for a question-answer session on various niches where people can turn up and clear their queries.

9). Paid business directory: –

A business directory is an essential service for people. And fulfilling void from the market I thee perfect business approach that one can make. To make money online, you can even offer the services of directories generated by the web.

Hence, if you want to create a web directory, then you can do that using WordPress. Follow thee tutorials and set up an online business with minimal investment.

You never know how much followers the site can gather. Your sight might also grab the attention of the local companies, and you can get reviews from them as well. 

10). Paid WordPress job board: –

Another fantastic option that can be put to use to make money online is the creation of a paid Job Board through WordPress. You can even choose to narrow it down to the specific niches that you wish to.

You will have to face minimal competition if you select this option. Any job seeker will click your site. And on the other hand, you can charge the job submitters with the amount that is descent in your vision.

This is a process that can help the job seekers as well as the jo givers, and you can make money by providing a platform where they can fulfil their purposes.

11). WordPress event calendar: –

We now see a major technological revolution in modern time. Hence, the culture of using calendars and manually memorizing the dates of events are now gone. You can come up with an event calendar through WordPress can let your visitors know the events taking place nearby them.

You can charge the individuals who are looking forward to advertising their event through your service. With this, you can make a lot of money through the people and can gain colossal traffic which can again help you make money online.

12). EBooks on WordPress: –

Booklovers are many everywhere. And you can make money online on that note. Wondering how? Then the answer is- by creating e-books through WordPress and selling them at considerably lower rates.

This is a successful idea that can generate a lot of followers of your service and can even help you make money online without facing much competition. The booklovers will not have to get the actual copies of their books and spend a lot of money.

All they need to do is to find E-books at the cheapest rate possible and enjoy their time.

13). Making an online course available: –

When the internet can connect the whole world with each other, then why not use it productively.

You can set out to bring a course online for your followers with the help of which they can learn to stay back at their home. The courses need not have to academic necessarily.

You can even bring classes on cooking, dancing or any other productive work. People who want to learn can easily switch to your site ad get free learning. This is an idea that can boost the number of visitors on your site. Hence, you can generate a lot of attention and make money online through this.

14). Hosting webinars: –

Webinars are fantastic ways of sharing experiences. Make the most out of the attention you get from your audience and host webinars to make money online.  Webinars mean seminars on the web.

These are the classes conducted online but are live classes. Hosting webinars can get you a lot of money.

You can charge the tutor to share your space. And at the same time, you can generate instant traffic on your site by hosting such live classes.

WordPress makes the wholes process a cakewalk. You can register the participants and advertise it well to make it a huge success.

15). Freelancing services: –

Freelancing services can be another great option to make money online. You can write blogs, articles and other writing assignments for other sites if you have a right hand in writing. Not just this but you can also serve a huge

16). Consulting business site: –

Business consultants generally make money, but if you have a site offering online services of business consultation, then you cannot just generate money by your clients but can even make money online.

Blogging can be used for many purposes, and this is a fantastic way of making money online. You can put out blogs in your site to brief the audiences with relevant information. Hence, the consulting business site can be a promising way of making money.

17). Auctions website: –

This is an out of the box idea that can come to your use if you implement it. People want sites conducting auctions, and you can make a concrete move by offering auction services.

This is a great source to make money online. If the users are allowed to bid on the products, then both buyers and the sellers can make maximum profit and hence, the site can be a fantastic source of income for you.

All you need to have an auction site is a vendor add-on, an auction add-on and shopping car and payment features at your location.

18). Selling graphics: –

Graphics have always been the perfect thing that grabs the attention of the viewers. The graphics claim a significant difference in the site. Selling graphics can be a fantastic way of making money online.

You can serve as a platform where the graphic designers can rely on and sell their works whereas, on the other hand, the buyers can even access the site to get a visual content of their choice.

This can be a promising way of fulfilling a void of the market, and at the same time, you can make money online through this.

Final words:

These are few things which are essential to be considered if you are looking forward to making money online.

All you need to do is try out different ways to generate the amount of money you want. But above all, you need to create engagement at your site so that your website can bring you more value and wealth.

To make money online is not a huge task, but you also need to make sure that you are keeping hold of a vast mass of audience.

This can only be possible when you generate something unique and relevant for the people to come and stay at your site.

Here is hoping that you pave your way to being a successful blogger by following these tips. Happy money-making, folks!

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